CD review DIABOLIC NIGHT ‘Beyond the Realm’

Diabolic Night is the brainchild of guitarist, bassist and vocalist Heavy Steeler who started a solo project back in 2013. The so far countable results are an demo, ans EP and a single release entitled ‘Infernal Power’. Time for Mr. Steeler to work on a full-length debut.

‘Beyond the Realm’ is this anticipated first longplayer, featuring eight songs and an intro. Together with Christhunter on drum, Heavy Steeler wrote and recorded excellent songs and it is again High Roller Records, that shows a great sense for good Metal music.

Diabolic Night plays a fierce mix of Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal and Black Metal. While riffs and leads remind of traditional Heavy Metal with references to the sound of the NWoBHM it’s the vocals being the raw and hoarse counterpart, adding a blackened touch to each of the songs.

‘Towards Forgotten Paths’ is the starting point and an intro, paving the way to ‘Sovereign of Doom’. This uptempo Metal track is the gate to more excellent songs. ‘Crescent Moon Rise’ is one of these steallar tunes, showing that the band also counts Metal Church to their favorite bands. Especially the beginning of the track sound very much like ‘Beyond the Black’ from Seattle’s Power Metal heroes. However, the twist comes after a few seconds, shifting the song to a next energetic thrasher.

The title track is a two minute instrumental. It shows the unconventional approach Heavy Steeler followed, taking this track to become the name-giver of the album. It’s a melodic moment on the album before the sounds of storm lead off ‘Odyssey’. With six minutes the track is another highlight on this album, a tune you shouldn’t miss with well-placed breaks showing the finesse of songwriting that comes with Diabolic Night.

‘Beyond the Realm’ is an excellent debut and fits perfectly into High Roller Records’ portfolio. Heavy Steeler and Christhunter challenge the boarders of Heavy Metal by utilizing and fusing various Metal styles. The good thing is that nothing feels forced or planned. ‘Beyond the Realm’ is authentic and comes from a black and metallic heart, music made for headbanging.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


1. Towards Forgotten Paths
2. Sovereign Of Doom
3. Crescent Moon Rise
4. In Retribution
5. Beyond The Realm
6. Odyssey
7. Infernal Power
8. Reach For The Night
9. Descension Into Dying Spheres

Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Blackened (Thrash) Metal

Release Date EU: November 15th, 2019



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