CD review MESHIAAK “Mask of All Misery’

Meshiaak, hailing from Australia, unleashed their debut ‘Alliance of Thieves’ three years ago. Power- and Thrash Metal, that’s what came together on the first album the Australian guys released.

What slowed down of working on a next record is the fact that drummer Jon Dette stepped-out due to the long distance between Australia and his homebase in San Diego. With David Godfrey a new drummer has been found and with the re-grouped line-up the band started work on the sophomore album.

‘Mask of All Misery’ is the title of the new album and it features ten exciting Metal tracks. ‘City of Ghosts’, being one of these cool tracks, is a real axe attack. Rooted in Bay Area Thrash Metal a la Testament the tune is a hard-hitting one with a well-crafted chorus. ‘Tears That Burn the Sun’ is more anchored in Power Metal, while the following ‘Doves’ is a power ballad, sounding quite good.

Last but but least there is ‘Godless’, the seven minutes closer. The final chapter starts with aggressive riffing and harsh vocals. There’s a lot of dynamic in this song, a prefect hymn for headbanging. This final blast on the album includes slower parts too, helping to keep the level of musical excitement high. ‘Godless’ reflects Meshiaak in a great fashion, uniting everything that band stands for in seven minutes. If you missed the guys so far, listen to ‘Godless’.

‘Mask of All Misery’ is a powerful Metal album, taking the best of Thrash- and Power Metal to create a longplayer that entertains from start to end.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Miasma
  2. Mask Of All Misery
  3. Bury The Bodies
  4. City Of Ghosts
  5. Face Of Stone
  6. Tears That Burn The Son
  7. Doves
  8. In The Final Hour
  9. Adrena
  10. Godless

Label: Mascot Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: November 15th, 2019



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