CD review BOMBUS ‘Vulture Culture’

Ten years after having released their first single, Swedish Bombus unveil their next longplayer, which is already the fourth one for the guys from Gothenburg. ‘Vulture Culture’ is the title of this full-length release, an album that comprises of nine songs.

Bombus doesn’t seem solely add records to their discography, it’s also that the guys add musicians to the band. What began with Feffe and Matte in 2009 rose to a quintet in 2019. It’s guitarist Simon Solomon being the newest member of the Bombus family, allowing the band to fire with triple guitar power.

Over time Bombus developed their own sound, combining various musical influences to a musical melting pot that again manifests itself on ‘Vulture Culture’. Punk, Heavy Rock and Metal are the key ingredients that also have been used as a base for the newest delivery.

The opener ‘A Ladder – Not a Shovel’ marks a great start into the album. The rather long song immediately reflects the newly gained guitar power. Melodies, hooks and a heavy guitar sounds reflect a band that’s still hungry. The chorus is a winning factor for sure and in a wider sense the title reflects the bands career. Bombus looks for the ladder to grow rather than for the shovel to bury the band.

Another great song is the slower paced ‘Mama’, while ‘In the Shadow’ shows some Motörhead influences, esp. due to the dominant bass-line being the driver of the tune. Last but not least it’s ‘Two Wolves and One Sheep’ you shouldn’t miss. Referring lyrically to Elvis in the beginning, the song evolves to a kaleidoscope of sounds. Twists and turns is what you get offered from start to end, still leading to a song that stands as a rock.

The metallic ‘Feeling is Believe’ is already the end of an album that marks a well-placed next step for Bombus. Eight points go to Bombus.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. A Ladder – Not A Shovel
  2. (You Are All Just) Human Beings
  3. Mama
  4. It’s All Over
  5. In the Shadows
  6. We Lost A Lot Of Blood Today
  7. Vulture Culture
  8. Two Wolves and One Sheep
  9. Feeling Is Believing

Label: Century Media

Genre: Heavy Rock

Release Date EU: November 15th, 2019



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