CD review ESKIMO CALLBOY ‘Rehab’

(5/10) Eskimo Callboy release albums that enter the charts, they found their niche and the regularly embark on successful tours. All fine and dandy. Looking into the melodic aspect of their music it is almost self-explainable that the guys reach a wider audience. Their music is easy to digest and sticks right away, with lyrics that are meaningless.

The new longplayer ‘Rehab’ doesn’t make a difference when it comes to Eskimo Callboy’s. The old success formula is reused and songs like the ‘core’-focussed ‘It’s Going Down’ isn’t even too bad. However, there is also ‘Supernova’ and ‘Okay’ on the tracklist, both being sugarcoated songs off-the-shelf. It’s this kind of tracks that leads to the impression of things being far too much dressed for success. Although some of the songs might be ‘hard’ it’s the edges that are missing. All’s polished too much.

Let’s conclude: ‘Rehab’ is for sure not breath-taking and you can listen to it without being in the need for a rehab afterwards. This has also to do with the fact that you get just 30 minutes of music (not considering the intro as a song) for the price of a full-length longplayer, which is cheeky. Minimum effort, and unfortunately also minimum result. However, fans for sure will love what they get offered and everybody else can give this album a wide berth.

Rating: 5 out of 10.


1. Take Me To
2. Rehab
3. It’s Going Down 

4. Hurricane
5. Disbeliever
6. Okay
7. Made By America

8. Supernova
9. Lost
10. Nice Boi
11. Prism

Label: Century Media

Genre: Electrocore

Release Date EU: Novmber 1st, 2019



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