Live report LIFE OF AGONY, DOYLE & BLAST BOMB, Gruenspan, Hamburg – 03.11.2019

A couple of week before starting ‘The Sound of Scars’-tour, Life Of Agony asked local bands to apply for the opening slot for each of the German shows. The ‚winner‘ for Hamburg is Blast Bomb, a band with a sound that fits in a great fashion into the Hardcore/Metal context of this night.

Some hard riffs welcome me at Gruenspan. Hamburgs locals started already into their set, far earlier than expected. Therefore the guys had to play for just a few metalheads but the quintet does a good job. Blast Bomb‘s powerful Metal was what this evening needs to get the right spirit into the room at Gruenspan.  

Blast Bomb

After Blast Bomb’s 30 minutes show and a short stage rebuilt Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein starts a show that impresses. The two meter tall muscle man put all his power into his guitar play, resulting in raging Hardcore/Punk smashers, reflecting two longplayers in a good way. The lines in front of the stage get closer and the temperature in the room is rising with every song played. The quartet works hard and with frontman Alex ‚Wolfman‘ Story even singing from the top of Dolyle’s speakers followed by some climbing up to the gallery of Gruenspan. This show is a 49 minutes blast.


Life Of Agony are veterans when it comes to Metal and Hardcore. The recent album ‚Scars‘ is a good one and the outstanding songs of the debut are a part of their musical treasure box too. A mixture of tracks from ‚Scars‘ and ‚River Runs Red‘ are the skeleton of todays setlist with the two title tracks leading off the show. What follows is a nearly 90 minutes spectacle. Mina, Joey, Allen and Veronica didn‘t loose any power over the last years. They even became better and more dynamic, preserving the ’90s spirit and complementing it with a good level of majority and experience. NY Hardcore Metal veterans go strong tonight and it‘s the ‘final four’ of the setlist turning the Gruenspan into a madhouse. ‚This Time‘, ‚Underground‘ and ‚Through and Through‘ are timeless motivators for fans to jump around, which Hamburg’s metalheads do in a ground-shaking way. Complemented by ‚Otherside of the River’, a classic done with support of Doyle who joins on stage, Life Of Agony delivers a strong statement of being still one of the best live bands these days. 

Life Of Agony

Setlist Life Of Agony:

  1. Scars
  2. River Runs Red
  3. Bad Seed
  4. Black Heart
  5. Weeds
  6. Lost at 22
  7. Elimination
  8. My Mind is Dangerous
  9. My Eyes
  10. Empty Hole
  11. Method of Groove
  12. Lay Down
  13. This Time
  14. Other Side of the River
  15. Underground
  16. Through and Through

Setlist Doyle:

  1. Abominator
  2. Beat Like Me
  3. Headhunter
  4. Cemetary Sexxx
  5. Witchcraft
  6. We Belong Dead
  7. Kiss Me as We Die
  8. Dreaming Dead Girls
  9. Hope Hell is Warm

Location: Gruenspan, Hamburg, Germany

Date: November 3rd, 2019

Photos: Markus Wiedenmann Photography

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