CD review NILE ‘Vile Nilotic Rites’

(8/10) The Egyptologists of Death Metal are back with their new longplayer. Four years after ‘What Should Not be Unearthed’ it is the new longplayer ‘Vile Nilotic Rites’ that opens a next chapter of Death Metal from Nile.

Main man Karl Sanders doesn’t look back and the past is what happened. The view is towards the future and with this mindset the new longplayer became a strong statement for merciless Death Metal, enriched by a second guitar.

The idea if becoming a quartet grew in 2016 in a conversation of Sanders and Brad Parris. Having with Brian Kingsland a second guitarist on board since 2017 allows Nile to move their sound to a next level.

It’s again the uptempo songs that dominate the record with ‘Long Shadow of Dread’ leading off the album. Furious leads are one pillar while the verse, with Sanders deep growls, is actually a slower paced monster that catches you right away.

That Nile is more than just racing speed is what the quartet shows with ‘Seven Horns of War’. It’s a cinematic start that introduces everyone to an eight minute Death Metal attack with high speed as well as it comes with well-accentuated twists and breaks. The narrative part and the horns in the middle section is the most obvious moves, adding some extra to the expression of this deadly epos.

In contrary to the long tunes it’s ‘Snake Pit Mating Frenzy’ that takes another direction. The songs hits bulls eye when it comes to speed, intensity and impact, all done in less than three minutes. It’s a breath-taking moment on the album and you need the interlude ‘Thus Sayeth the Parasites of the Mind’ to regroup and get ready for the final three wrecking balls on ‘Vile Nilotic Rites’.

Nile’s new album is reflecting all you can expect from the guys. Furious Death Metal, high level of precision and an overarching theme that connects to the old Pharao times. The lyrical approach though isn’t as scientific as it was in the past. This album takes some current topics of a world being in a self-destruction mode and translates it into a context of the old Egyptian days. Cool stuff.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


01. Long Shadows Of Dread
02. The Oxford Handbook Of Savage Genocidal Warfare
03. Vile Nilotic Rites
04. Seven Horns Of War
05. That Which Is Forbidden
06. Snake Pit Mating Frenzy
07. Revel In Their Suffering
08. Thus Sayeth The Parasites Of The Mind
09. Where Is The Wrathful Sky
10. The Imperishable Stars Are Sickened
11. We Are Cursed

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 1st, 2019



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