CD review CANNABIS CORPSE ‘Nug So Vile’

(8/10) Cannabis Corpse, that’s the brainchild of the Hall brothers. Phil Hall, known from Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan, together with his brother Josh started the ‘smoke-filled’ powerhouse in 2006 in Richmond, VA. The guys premiered the same year and the debut received more positive attention than maybe expected.

13 years further down the road Cannabis Corpse is more than just a side-project. The band is a constant player in the fields of Death Metal, although their approach is slightly different than from most of the other bands.

The guys, in the meantime a trio, calls their style Marijuana Death Metal and it’s the parody approach that makes every Cannabis Corpse album to a Death Metal trip with a smile.

Not only that the name is highly influenced by legendary Cannibal Corpse, also album titles like ‘Left Hand Pass’ shows where the roots are. This time it’s Canadian Death Metal passionists Cryptopsy and their ‘None So Vile’ album that was turned into ‘Nug So Vile’.

But besides all the weed and parody, Cannabis Corpse has more to offer. The band wouldn’t be that long up and running if there wouldn’t be enough musical foundation in place. If you dismantle the Cannabis Corpse phenomena and boil things down to music we can state that it’s terrific Death Metal the three guys offer. The raging ‘Blunt Force Domain’, the spot-on ‘Edibles Autopsy’ and the firing ‘Cylinders of Madness’ can easily live-up to genre icons’ deliveries these days.

I think that sometimes the parody element takes to much attention and takes away focus from Cannabis Corpse music. These guys can certainly play brute Death Metal and Cannabis Corpse is more than just a ‘fun’-thing. Cool stuff – with and without weed.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


1. Conquerors of Chronageddon
2. Nug So Vile
3. Blunt Force Domain
4. Cylinders of Madness
5. Blasphemy Made Hash
6. Cheeba Jigsore Quandary
7. Edibles Autopsy
8. Dawn of Weed Possession
9. The Cone is Red (Long Live the Cone)
10. The Ultimate Indicantation
11. From Enslavement to Hydrobliteration

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 1st, 2019



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