CD review CREEPING DEATH ‘Wretched Illusions’

(9/10) Meat cleaver riff producers Creeping Death revealed a few months ago an exciting EP entitled ‘Specter of War’. The release was an appetizer for some more Death Metal, hailing from Texas and here comes the next chapter. 

With ‘Wretched Illusions’ the wait has an end. Creeping Death debuts with an album that covers ten smashing Death Metal anthems. The quartet, consisting of Reese Alavi (v), Trey Pemberton (g), Eric Mejia (b) and Lincoln Mullins (d), doesn’t take any prisoners with this album. Rooted in oldschool Tampa Death Metal the four-piece band shows some parallels with bands like Obituary, esp. in the slower section of songs like ‘Bloodlust Contamination’.  It is the groove that comes with these ten songs, making them all to headbanger-friendly smashers. ‘Dawn of Time’ is another example of these musical heavyweights, coming with a slo-mo middle part. After such a mighty riff section the song gains speed again and these breaks are the spice that lifts the tracks from solid to terrific. Creeping Death brings out the main points of their sound with any song on ‘Wretched Illusions’.

This debut is a brutal one with crushing riffs, a merciless groove and growls that give you the shivers. With having such a debut added to their track record the future should look bright for the quartet from Texas. The name of ‘Creeping Death’ is of course very much connected to the Metallica classic but it’s this powerhouse that started an endeavor to change it. Pretty soon you will think about the Metallica song and about this Metal manias when it comes to the term ‘Creeping Death’. 

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Ripping Through Flesh
  2. Captivity
  3. Bloodlust Contamination
  4. Sinner’s Torch
  5. Corroded from Within
  6. Peeled from Reality
  7. World Decay
  8. Wretched Illusions
  9. Dawn of Time
  10. Consumed

Label: eOne

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 29th, 2019



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