CD review VICE ‘3 Fingers Up’

(5/10) One of the most colorful German Rock band was Vice. Having a look on the artwork of the debut demanded sunglasses, so bright and garish the clothing has been. Steel Panther looks actually quite greyish compared to Vice’s artwork. Unfortunately the musical aspect couldn’t compete and as a consequence things slowed down dramatically. Era one ended in 1995 with two longplayers that have been released by then.

Many years later, in 2017 to be precise, Vice returned to the scene with a next longplayer ‘Veni Vidi Vice’. Chris Limburg is the only remaining founding member, surrounded by new band members Mario Michael, Jürgen Wiehler and Sebi Weininger. Although the range of colors slightly changed towards denim and leather it’s the music that reflects, at least in partly, the early days of Vice.

The new album doesn’t change this approach. ‘3 Fingers Up’ is the title of the newest delivery, a longplayer that features eleven songs. Next to nine new songs that band recorded with ‘I Hate Myself for Loving You’ a respectable cover version of the Joan Jett classic and it is ‘Made 4 Pleasure’ that went through a renewal process before ending up on ‘3 Fingers Up’.

Vice’s isn’t a musical wow nor it’s with ‘Fuck U’ and Dreaming About You’ an intellectual challenge. What ‘3 Fingers Up’ does though is creating a positive vibe and party feeling right away. Listening to this album for having a good time is certainly something that could work, but there are also quite some other releases doing the same thing, just better. ‘3 Fingers Up’ will not be the big breakthrough for Vice. It’s average Rock music with solid melodies you get with this longplayer and if this is what you’re looking for you will give a thumbs up to ‘3 Fingers Up’.



  1. Shitty Shituation
  2. License to Rock
  3. The Jerk
  4. Fuck U
  5. I Hate Myself for Loving You
  6. Multiply Show
  7. 3 Fingers Up
  8. Name the Game
  9. Dreaming About You
  10. Made 4 Pleasure
  11. What Will You Do?

Label: Lictoc Music / Pride & Joy Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019


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