CD review BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL ‘Misery Sequence’

(8/10) UK Hardcore band Brutality Will Prevail comes out of the woods with their powering new release entitled ‘Misery Sequence’.

The quintet began in 2005 and five longplayers are the current status of achievement. Two years after having added ‘In Dark Places’ to their discography it’s the new strike being a deadly one.

Brutality Will Prevail releases with ‘Misery Sequence’ a longplayer that covers many influences. In general it’s Hardcore, being the solid base for each of the nine songs on this spot-on energizer with songs like ‘Sense of Doubt’ being the perfect example of where the roots of Brutality Will Prevail can be found.

Next to the Hardcore-base the band adds some Metal to the mix too with the title track being a Groove Metal monster a la Soulfly meets Hardcore. Last but not least there’s with ‘Twisting the Knife’ a slo-mo track on the album, being a mix of interlude and instrumental. The reduced pace adds a lot of Doom to this track that acts as a well-placed distraction on the track listing.

‘Misery Sequence’ contains a lot of good music. Although the guys are all over the place with their influences, coming back in each of the nine songs, it’s the unbound power and authenticity giving the listener 32 minutes of good and aggressive music.



  1. Misery Sequence
  2. Slither
  3. Twisting the Knife
  4. Deny the Truth
  5. Unsettling
  6. Sense of Doubt
  7. End of Me (feat. Brendan Murphy)
  8. Breathless (feat. Toni Coe-Brooker)
  9. The Bitter End

Label: BDHW Records

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019



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