CD review HAWK EYES ‘Advice’

(7/10) With hawk eyes the UK-based quartet observes the world and everything that going on these days. But let’s take it step by step.

Hawk Eyes started in 2004 and release three longplayers since then. An informal hiatus caused some radio-silence during the last years but now they are back with their next longplayer. Record number four is lyrically focussing on the todays world and all the irrational things that happen on a daily base. So, this release is Hawy Eyes contribution and ‘Advice’ the the world.

The music of the four-piece band can ve described as a mix of Alternative Rock that also reflects some more metallic moments. Although not being really unique with their sound, Hawk Eyes’ newest album is very entertaining. It has a nicely done flow, which makes it easy for listeners to surf on the wave of these eleven songs.

Cool moments on ‘Advice’ are songs like ‘Smokes’ with some spoken words by actor and author Richard O’Brien. The song itself is a solid Noise Rock smasher with a lot of riffpower, a pattern that also characterizes ‘New Greek Fire’. The moderately paced ‘State Of Opportunity’ is another cool song and it’s these tracks that made me think of Helmet, although sounding a bit different.

‘Advice’ is a loudly rocking album, giving you a good time. Not more, but certainly not less either. Keep your eyes open….



  1. Royal Trouble
  2. Follow Me
  3. Never Lead Me
  4. New Greek Fire
  5. Perfect Again
  6. Advice
  7. Smokes
  8. Hand in My Heart Cage
  9. State of Opposition
  10. Win On Win
  11. Keep ’em Cold

Label: Drakkar Entertainment

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: September 6th, 2019



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