CD review CAPILLA ARDIENTE ‘The Siege’

(9/10) That High Roller Records is a label with great sense for underground Metal isn’t a new fact and here’s another album that proves the said. Capilla Ardiente are part of High Roller Records portfolio and it was in 2014 when the band debut with ‘Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness’.

Capilla Ardiente is the brainchild of singer Felipe Plaza Kutzbach and bassist Claudio Botarro Neira, also known from Procession. The guys have a faible for Epic Doom Metal and that’s what they release under the banner of Capilla Ardiente. Together with guitarists Julio Barquez and Igor Leiva, plus drummer Francisco Aguirre, the guys worked on the sophomore album entitled ‘The Siege’, which is ready to be shipped.

‘The Siege’ features four songs with extraordinary length, and quality. Doom Metal in general isn’t music for 2-3 minutes and it’s Capilla Ardiente that stretches the borders even more with two 13 minutes long compositions. The five-piece band recorded again at Audiocustom Estudio in Chile, which hosted already Procession, but also acted as the place for the debut recording session of Capilla Ardiente.

The first two tracks of this release are for sure the best Epic Doom Metal brought to surface in quite some years. ‘The Open Arms, the Open Wounds’ is a Doom Metal masterpiece rolled out over 13 minutes, Vocals, riffs, tempo changes and atmosphere are jaw-dropping good. Outside any commercial restriction the guys unveil the smashing hammer of doom and the following ‘The Crimson Fortress’ pick thing upright where the opener ended. Slo-mo riff power interacts with a galloping rhythm, all being the base for Kutzback’s excellent vocals. to shine in melancholic glory.

The B-side can’t exactly reach the Champions League-level of the first two tracks, but is still far better than most of what this genre offers these days. Fans of the earlier Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus should for sure check out this album.  Mind-blowing.



  1. The Open Arms, the Open Wounds
  2. The Crimson Fortress
  3. The Spell of Concealment
  4. Fallen Alphas and the Rising

Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Epic Doom Metal

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019


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