CD review MONOMYTH ‘Orbis Quadrantis’

(8/10) Good things come to those who wait, this could be the overarching headline for Monomyth’s new album. The band, hailing from Den Haag, NL, originally planned to release their new longplayer earlier this year but health issues forced the guys to move the release date.

The wait is over in September this year. ‘Orbis Quadrantis’ will hit the shelves on September 13th and comes through Suburban Records.

Monomyth began in 2011 and it was their passion for spacy Stoner Rock that brought them on the line-up for festivals like Roadburn and Desertfest.

The quintet, in 2019, adds with ‘Orbis Quadrantis’ a fourth album to their discography, a record that includes four songs only. Each of the four tunes though is a sonic journey in itself and all tracks together are an impressive musical kaleidoscope.

Monomyth’s newest album shows a shift when it comes to sound. Not that they guys turn things entirely upside down. It’s more that the new album challenges the frames of Space-/Stoner Rock.

The first song ‘Aquilo’ reflects this new approach very well. Calm and enriched with the sound of creaking wood the opener gets sensitive introduction. The instrumental creates a touching atmosphere and like with a kaleidoscope you can discover all kinds of nuances, in this case by closing the eyes.

‘Eurus’ is picking up the Stoner Rock heritage more than the opener, but in different context. Again it’s the beautiful soundscapes that rule and it’s the extra level of hardness being the distinction to the opener. In a hypnotic fashion general patterns return throughout the 10 minutes before ‘Auster’ starts a next chapter.

Song number three on this release is a well-done fusion of guitar- and Hammond sound, Stoner Rock meets Krautrock of you will. The song slowly builds up to an intense rocker and leads to ‘Favonius’, which is already the closing chapter of this exciting sound collage. Space Rock is what dominates this tune that also offers a stronger psychedelic aspect.

‘Orbis Quadrantis’ became a great album. It’s a release that’s the opposite of fast food. These four songs need time and focus to unveil their entire beauty. Headphones on, all other distractions off and pressing the ‘Play’-button is the best way to get into the depth of this beautiful record.



  1. Aquilo
  2. Eurus
  3. Auster
  4. Favonius

Label: Suburban Records

Genre: Space Rock

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019


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