CD review GRANDE ROYALE ‘Take it Easy’

(8/10) To take things easy is never a bad idea and in case you were looking for supportive music – here it is. Swedish rockers Grande Royale entitled their new album ‘Take it Easy’, a record that certainly contains good Rock songs with a positive vibe.

Grande Royale hails from Jönköping, Sweden and debuted in 2014 with ‘Cygnet Noir’. A year later the sophomore disc saw the light of day and it’s in a few weeks that album number five will be ready to be shipped to the record stores.

The sound of the Swedish quartet is based on more traditional Hard Rock. It’s ‘70s Rock being a solid inspiration while on the other hand Scandinavian bands like The Hellacopters left an impression too on Grande Royale.

‘Bring it Up’ is the title of the opener, a vital song that acts as a wake-up call. Good melodies, a grooving beat and a brass section are key elements of a well-done starting point. ’Hands-up’ is another song I want to highlight. It’s a calmer track with a down-to-earth approach and hooks that are addictive.

‘Cogitator’ is a musical time capsule into a time when the ‘70s Detroit Rock fever boomed and it’s a good summertime vibe you get with ‘Ms. Sunshine’ before ‘Baby You’re a Fool’ unveils the soulful aspect of Grande Royale’s music.

Grande Royale should be on the Rock’n’Roll radar of everybody that appreciates well-crafted Hard Rock, that has its roots in the ‘70s. These eleven songs are the perfect soundtrack for a summerly barbecue party with some friends, some beers and a good vibe.



  1. Bring it Up
  2. Out of Gas
  3. Hands Up
  4. Sweet Livin’
  5. Cogitator
  6. Decelerate
  7. Ms. Sunshine
  8. Baby You’re a Fool
  9. Going Strong
  10. Standing in My Way
  11. On and On

Label: The Sign Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019


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