CD review UNRULY CHILD ‘Big Blue World’

(8/10) The first era of Melodic Rock experts Unruly Child took place at a time when Melodic Rock wasn’t the big thing. Following the colorful and melodic ‘80s it has been the darker tones that took over in the ‘90s with Grunge and Death Metal gaining momentum.

After going through a hiatus it was the year 2010 being the starting point for a second era of the band from the US of A.  ‘Worlds Collide’ was the first album after their return and two more longplayers followed this comeback. Two years after having unveiled with ‘Can’t Go Home’ their so far latest album it is with ‘Big Blue World’a next treat that hits the shelves this summer.

Marcie Free, Bruce Gowdy and Guy Allison wrote a stunning new album that features ten songs. Melodic Rock is what you can expect from this release and the opener ‘Living in Someone Else’s Dream’ underlines it very well. Unruly Child uses the entire bandwidth the genre has to offer. From the rocking and rhythm-based ‘All Over the World’ to the soft and soulful ‘Beneath the Steady Rain’ the album caters for all fans of well-crafted Rock music can ask for. The grooving ‘The Harder They Will Fall’ is another example for rocking roots of the band and it’s the swinging ‘The Hard Way’ being the closer of an album that shows the beauty of Melodic Rock. Cliché-free and well-crafted that describes the album the Rock veterans added to their offer, a record that’s entertaining from start to end.



  1. Living In Someone Else’s Dream
  2. All Over The World
  3. Dirty Little Girl
  4. Breaking The Chains
  5. Are These Words Enough
  6. Will We Give Up Today
  7. Beneath A Steady Rain
  8. The Harder They Will Fall
  9. Down And Dirty
  10. The Hard Way

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: August 9th, 2019



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