CD review HELHORSE ‘Hydra’

(8/10) Three years after having unveiled their self-titled third strike, Danish six-piece band Helhorse finished the recording of their next musical delivery. ‘Hydra’, that’s the title of the new album, features ten new songs and will hit the shelves in August.

The fact that Denmark is a home for many exciting metal bands isn’t new with Merciful Fate and Volbeat being only two representatives of Danish Metal. Next to the veterans it’s also young bands that represent the vitality of the Danish Rock scene and Helhorse is one good example.

‘Hydra’, the new longplayer, comprises of great songs and is anchored in Stoner Rock, Hard Rock and Alternative Metal. This mix brings great tracks like ‘Overboard’ to surface and the cool rocking title track is a treat for fans of solid Rock music also.

Helhorse shifts gears with ‘Scarlet Meadow Scarlet Brook’. The uptempo rocker is a spot on wrecking ball with less than three minutes of length. Rock and Punk are the main influencers of this energizer that includes in the last third also a grooving section, completing the positive impression of this anthem.

From fast to slower pace means mentioning the closer ‘War Drums’. The final chapter of ‘Hydra’ is kept in a slower pace, still featuring heavy outbursts along the way. Roaring guitars, a murderous groove and intense vocals are key elements of this well-crafted song.

Also some soulful moments found a spot on the tracklist. ‘Northern Light’ is such a track, combining an emotional intensity with a certain level of roughness, which adds feel and avoids triviality.

Helhorse enriches their discography with a next smashing longplayer. This album is real and authentic, with some ‘dirt under the fingernails’.



  1. Overboard
  2. Avalanche
  3. Outcome Ruin
  4. Cycle of Vain Attempts
  5. Northern Lights
  6. Hydra
  7. Chrystal Blades
  8. Scarlet Meadow Scarlet Brook
  9. Under a Bad Moon
  10. War Drums

Label: Rodeostar Records

Genre: Heavy Rock /Stoner

Release Date EU: August 23rd, 2019



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