CD review TONY MILLS ‘Beyond the Law’

(7/10) English rock singer Tony Mills, known from bands like Shy, TNT and others, is a constant player in the fields of Rock and AOR. Next to enriching longplayers of the mentioned bands with his excellent voice it’s also solo albums the frontman reveals from time to time.

‘Beyond the Law’ is the latest one that reaches us from the UK, an album that follows the 2017 release ‘Streets of Chance’. The special thing with ‘Beyond the Law’ is that fact that it is defined as being the final written work of Mills as an artist.

What the album offers is a renowned pattern, reflecting Mills true Rock’n’roll heart. Rocking guitars and catchy melodies is what this album is about, all supporting the great voice of the veteran singer. Already while spinning the longplayer for the first time it’s the hooks that catches listener’s attention and it doesn’t take any effort to find a way into this album and its ten songs.

‘Beyond the Law’ is a rock solid album. All things are in place to live up to expectation of fans of Melodic Rock. The only thing missing are a couple of ‘stand-out’ songs, some twists that are unexpected and surprising. Those would have been the final spice and it would have made a good longplayer even better. This is the only little remark for an album that’s generally spoken well done and certainly good entertaining for fans.



  1. The Westside
  2. Beyond the Law
  3. Running Guns
  4. F.B.I.
  5. Black Sedan
  6. We Sold Your City
  7. Crackin’ F..
  8. Bonnie’s Farewell
  9. Code of Silence
  10. Gunfire

Label: Battlegod Productions

Genre: AOR

Release Date EU: June 26th, 2019



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