CD review OH HIROSHIMA ‘Oscillation

(9/10) ‘Oscillation’ is Oh Hiroshima’s third longplayer and the trio invested quite some time to get the album to a level that was satisfying for the trio. Four years of hard work led to a longplayer that features seven new songs that will be a delight for fans of atmospheric Post-Rock.

“Oscillation’ isn’t an album that’s loud or noisy. Oh Hiroshima are masters of calmer tones and atmospheric soundscapes. This doesn’t mean that the Swedes spare outbursts in their songs, but it’s the silent moments that dominate.

You can basically drop the needle at any point of ‘Oscillation’, since the album doesn’t carry any weak song. ‘Simulacra’ as one example, is a blooming and energetic beauty with the band showing a playful approach of fusing loud and calmer moments. I had to think of Münster-based Long Distance Calling while listening to this musical masterpiece.

The stellar ‘In Solar’ is another track that should get your attention and it’s the hypnotic opener ‘Neu’ that starts the entire journey in a great fashion.

To be honest, ‘Oscillation’ is the first Oh Hiroshima album that gets out of my speakers and it was very obvious right away – this alum is a cool one, done by musicians that dedicate their heart to what they’re doing.



  1. Neu
  2. A Handful of Dust
  3. Simulacra
  4. Moderate Spectre
  5. Darkroom Aestetics
  6. In Solar
  7. Molnet†

Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Post-Rock

Release Date EU: July 26th, 2019



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