CD review DAMNATION DEFACED ‘The Devourer’

(7/10) German Death Metal powerhouse Damnation Defaced releases these days with ‚The Devourer‘ their fourth full-length longplayer, an album that’s announced as the carrier of Science Fiction Death Metal. You never heard the term before? Me neither and I’m also not sure if such a differentiation is necessary since the music of the quintet is good and convincing enough.

The band, hailing from Celle, fires on all cylinders with their new longplayer and it’s keyboard-elements that add the potential outer space vibe to the mix.

Regardless of the Star Trek crew gets fascinated by this album or not it’s more the layered and slightly progressive structure that makes ‚The Devourer‘ to an interesting release. The album is done with a lot of dedication and pays attention to details. Deep growls and melodic elements harmonise very well on this album.

Also the tracklist itself carries enough variation to keep the level of excitement high. The raging ‚Race For the Grail‘ belongs to the merciless eardrum challengers, while other moments on the album reminds of In Flames these days.

All in all, and even while made for the outer space, ‚The Devourer‘ is an album with a down-to-earth expression. The five-piece team did a good job, resulting in an album the stands for the brutality of Death Metal as well as it reflects musical savvy.



  1. Re-Entering the Void (Intro)
  2. Between Innocence and Omnivores
  3. Hunter and the Vermin
  4. Race and the Grail
  5. Stargazer
  6. System of Iniquity
  7. Palace of Dead Souls
  8. Tiefenrausch
  9. Through Asteroids and Cosmic Dust
  10. Unbound the Prophecy
  11. Vultures (Escape from Nadrog)
  12. The Dark Companion

Label: Apostasy Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: August 2nd, 2019



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