CD review LUNAR SHADOW ‘The Smokeless Fires’

(8/10) Two years after having uncovered the first full-length album ‘Far From Light’ it’s ‘The Smokeless Fires’ being the direction-giving second longplayer of the German quintet. The album is again done in cooperation with Cruz Del Sur and features seven new songs.

The three years between the two records brought some roughness for Lunar Shadow. A change behind the mic made Robert Roettig joining the band. What was even more impactful was the personal adventure Max Birbaum, main man of Lunar Shadow, went through during the last couple of years. It’s this personal journey of Birbaum that led to the conceptual theme behind ‘The Smokeless Fires’. It’s ‘passion’ that became the anchor point and lyrical base of this exciting new album.

Passion comes not only back in the lyrical approach, it’s also one of the main pillars this release is built on. The quintet recorded songs that set the bar for 2019 releases in the fields of Epic Metal. It’s the dedication for what they’re doing, connected to musical savvy that makes this longplayer to an enjoyment from start to end.

Lunar Shadow understands how to put some thrill into their songs and tracklist. This is reflected very well in the center of the album, starting with the melodic ‘Roses’, a song that reminded me of a sad version of Saigon Kick. With ‘Pretend’ the quintet adds a very emotional track to the album and it’ the following ‘Laurelindórenan’ that fires on all cylinders with twin guitars and powerful vocals. Roettig’s voice and intonation fits perfectly to Lunar Shadow’s music and helps the band for sure to take a next step on the way to a bigger fan base.

‘The Smokeless Fires’ is a great album. It’s fueled by exquisite sing writing, blistering solo parts, great vocals and an emotional aspect that can be felt while going through these seven songs. ‘The Smokeless Fires’ is an album you shouldn’t miss.



  1. Catch Fire
  2. Conajohara No More
  3. Roses
  4. Pretend
  5. Laurelindórenan
  6. Red Nails (For the Pillar of Death)
  7. Hawk of the Hills

Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Epic Metal

Release Date EU: June 14th, 2019


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