CD review THE RODS ‘Brotherhood of Metal’

(8/10) ‘Brotherhood of Metal’ is the pathetic title of The Rods newest delivery. The band of Ronnie James Dio cousin David Feinstein debuted in 1980 with ‘Rock Hard’ and released some more longplayers during the first half of the ’80s.

Radio silence took over in 1986 and it took more than 20 years until some signs of life were recognisable. ‘Vengeance’ was a glorious return of the NYC-based metal pioneers before silence took over again. 2019 is the year of a next return of the legendary trio that releases with ‘Brotherhood of Metal’ an extremely well-done Heavy Metal record.

The longplayer’s kicked-off by the seven minutes title track, which is a true Heavy Metal epos. Instead of a mighty guitar riff it’s a piano that marks the beginning of ‘Brotherhood of Metal’. Feinstein’s vocals join and slowly but steady the song builds up to a glorious metal hymn that will be loved by metalheads for sure. “We are the Brotherhood of Metal’ – that’s the message that can lead to big chants during live shows.

This album is full of metal smashers. The uptempo ‘Smoke on the Horizon’ is a treat for metal fans and it’s ‘Tyrant King’ that brings the NWoBHM spirit to the table. ‘Tonight We Ride’ is driven by a strong rhythm and it’s ‘1982’ that picks-up the spirit of the time.

‘Brotherhood of Metal’ is on of these longplayers that bloom right away. These eleven songs are all spot-on and demand strong neck muscles for longtime headbanging. As a metal fan you can’t ignore this longplayer. Welcome back The Rods.



  1. Brotherhood Of Metal
  2. Everybody’s Rockin’
  3. Smoke On The Horizon
  4. Louder Than Loud 5
  5. Tyrant King
  6. Party All Night
  7. Tonight We Ride
  8. 1982
  9. Hell On Earth
  10. The Devil Made Me Do It
  11. Evil In Me

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: June 7th, 2019


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