CD review XENTRIX ‘Bury the Pain’

(8/10) You could get the feeling that all the oldschool Thrash Metal formations are coming back – some sooner, some later. UK metallist Xentrix is one of these bands, returning in 2017 with a show the quartet played at Bloodstock Festival.

Xentrix is an outfit that started in the mid ’80s, with a debut unveiled in 1989. The guys came a bit too late since it was the end of the glorious era of Thrash Metal with other sub-genres that gained momentum in the ’90s. Bad timing doesn’t equal bad music though. Xentrix’s albums had their metallic shimmering charm and it was the Ray Parker Jr. cover version of ‘Ghostbusters’ that gave them some extra spotlight.

The band slowly disappeared in the second half of the ’90s before they returned, as mentioned, in 2017. Some extra live shows were a motivator for blowing more life into the band with new songs being the result. It was towards the end of 2018 when the final recording work for a next longplayer was completed and here it is: ‘Bury the Pain’.

Xentrix picks it up where they left off in the ’90s. Oldschool Thrash Metal, inspired by the Bay Area sound is what the new record comprises of. Located stylewise somewhere between Exodus and Testament the quartet from the North West of England fires on all cylinders. It’s not that Xentrix reinvents Thrash Metal, but it’s heaviness and energy that makes this longplayer to positive surprise. I haven’t expected the band to return with such a great album, a release that can easily handle a comparison with the early deliveries.

Thrash Metal fans shouldn’t hesitate. ‘Bury the Pain’ is a really cool album that can also convince metalheads by its great sound, delivered by no less that Andy Sneap and Russ Russell. Xentrix is back, stronger than ever.



  1. Bury the Pain
  2. There Will be Consequences
  3. Bleeding Out
  4. The Truth Lies Buried
  5. Let the World Burn
  6. The Red Mist Descends
  7. World of Mouth
  8. Deathless and Divine
  9. The One You Fear
  10. Evil by Design

Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: June 7th, 2019



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