CD review GAAHLS WYRD ‘GastiR – Ghosts Invited’

(8/10) Nobody expected this album to be an easy one and it’s for sure a longplayer that’s demands listener’s attention. ‘GastiR – Ghosts Invited’ is the highly anticipated debut of Gaahls WYRD, fronted by one of the pioneers of Norwegian Black Metal.

Gaahl started with his first band Trelldom many years ago and name recognition rose with him being a member of Gorgoroth. Gaahl and the band parted ways in 2007, which opened new doors for new projects and bands. God Seed was one of them and step by step the iconic musicians turned into a more wholistic artist that stays true to his musical roots.

Gaahls WYRD is the newest outfit, with a starting point back in 2015. The band performed at festival and was recently on tour through Europe. The live appetiser is now followed by the debut entitled ‘GastiR – Ghosts Invited’.

The longplayer features eight songs, some of them with Norwegian lyrics. It’s impossible to add one specific style to Gaahl’s music. Too wide are the influences and references that’s reflected in each of the songs. ‘The Speech ad The Self’ comes with clean vocals and has a Gothic vibe and the song’s in contrast to the next track. ‘Through and Past and Past’ is a speedy metal track with Gaahl’s hellish screams being the centrepiece.

The opener reflects the Black Metal roots with racing guitars and evil vocals while the ending of the debut is kept very calm. ‘Within the Voice of Existence’ is a psychedelic track with whispering voices and a creepy undertone. Equipped with a hypnotic pattern the songs gives you the shivers and shows, that a scary-factor doesn’t necessarily needs speed and harshness. Sometimes it’s a well-used simplicity that creates evil.

‘GastiR – Ghosts Invited’ is an Extreme Metal album that shows many variations. An eerie atmosphere strings the eight songs together to a longplayer with varied Extreme Metal that belongs to the highlights so far this year.



  1. Ek Erilar
  2. From The Spear
  3. Ghosts Invited
  4. Carving The Voices
  5. Veiztu Hve
  6. The Speech And The Self
  7. Through And Past And Past
  8. Within The Voice Of Existence

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Extreme Metal

Release Date EU: May 31st, 2019



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