CD review PRETTY WILD ‘Interstate 13’

(7/10) ‘Interstate 13’, that’s Pretty Wild’s new album. It’s their third record and with releasing it this May, a five years wait comes to an end. It was in 2014 when the sophomore longplayer ‘Pretty Wild’ saw the light of the day and it’s ‘Interstate 13’ that picks it up where the band ended off with their sophomore album.

Twelve songs, that’s the new offer of Pretty Wild, all being anchored in Melodic Metal and Sleaze Rock. As with many Swedish bands also this quartet has a lot of catchy melodies in their arsenal, melodies that make songs like ‘Superman’ to real treats for your ears. ‘Stand My Ground’ fires on all cylinder too and it’s the galloping ‘Shot Me Down’ being one of the best songs on the album.

Ballads are part of the tracklist too. ‘Wild and Free’ tries to talk to the hearts but succeeds just partly. The song isn’t a bad one, but it also doesn’t wow. It’s a cookie-cutter approach that’s used, leading to a catchy but not iconic ballad. ‘Thanks to You’ does a bit of a better job, a song that has the potential of becoming your soundtrack for huddling with your big love.

To sum up: Fans of Mötley Crüe, Skid Row and Poison might be interested in this longplayer that reaches us from Sweden. ‘Interstate 13’, that’s Hard Rock songs, being rock solid but not very unique. Still a good summer soundtrack.



  1. Let’s Get It Out
  2. Meant For Trouble
  3. Superman
  4. Wild And Free
  5. Give It All Tonight
  6. Stand My Ground
  7. The Way I Am
  8. Thanks To You
  9. Shot Me Down
  10. Walk The Edge
  11. I Love It
  12. Break Down The Walls

Label: Black Lodge Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: May 31st, 2019



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