Review IMPERIUM DEKADENZ ‘Into Sorrow Evermore’

Imperium Dekadenz belong to the longtimer players when it comes to German extreme metal. The duo, consisting of Vespasian and Horaz, started 2004 and brought black metal to the black forest. From their homebase Villingen-Schwenningen, the duo started to take metal fans heart by storm in 2006 when the band launched their debut album.

‘…und die Welt ward kalt und leer’ is he title of the album and at that time, German lyrics were in focus. Over time the band moved on to lyrics in English which also goes for their newest strike ‘Into Sorrow Evermore’.

The newest release is Imperium Dekadenz’s seventh album, and it features eight new songs. Right away, ‘Into Sorrow Evermore’ is an epic achievement. Not only is it the new cornerstone in the blackened history of the band, it is also a highlight in black metal in general.

Vespasian and Horaz vent their emotions on an album that features calm and peaceful piano parts, just like the opening of ‘Aurora’. The band doesn’t shy away from these moments that tremendously help to let the raging parts to get even more aggressive. The mentioned ‘Aurora’ though isn’t a highspeed metal anthem. It is more like the musical rendering of the darkened weight of the world. What is remarkable is the alternation between the calm and frantic aspects, that create a goosebump vibe. Despair is what blossoms by each note played and the enormous density of sound impresses throughout.

It is the title track that opens this sonic gate to the netherworld and after a short, but ominous intro, furious black metal blasts out of the speakers. Tempo and power are the main factors, driving the opener. At the same time, breaks and the melodic guitar lines help to find a way into this monster track.

I can’t tell you if ‘Forest in Gale’ was written during one of the storms that hit the black forest once in a while. That the tune is a blasting metal inferno though is out of discussion. Without a compromise to the musical vision the duo shows with ‘’Forest in Gale’ all their trademark features and the greatness of their music is that the two guys always manage to add enough versatility to their music without compromising on the mystic brutality.

‘November Monument’ is another song you should have listened to. Slow, partly hypnotic the tune unfolds an uncomfortable vibe and still evil fascinates from start to finish. This tune is the opposite of what one would call happy sound. Instead, maelstrom-like riffs waltz down every sunray that tries to get in the way and it’s a mixture of despair and darkness that blossoms right away. It’s a grey haze that wraps your soul while listening to ‘November Monument’ and the video, made for the song, underlines this vibe.

Thundering, that is what the end of ‘Into Sorrow Evenmore’ represents. The full-speed blast is what the duo offers with ‘Memories … a raging River’.

‘Into Sorrow Evermore’ is the anticipated new longplayer from the black forest-based duo. Imperium Dekadenz underline, that they belong to the spearhead of Germany extreme metal and it’s this album that might help the guys to drastically enlarge their fanbase. This longplayer has the potential to block the record player for quite a while.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Into Sorrow Evermore
  2. Truth under Stars
  3. Aurora
  4. Elysian Fields
  5. Forests in Gale
  6. Awakened beyond Dreams
  7. November Monument
  8. Memories … a raging River

Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: January 20th, 2023




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