Review U.D.O. ‘The Legacy’

There is not much to say about Udo Dirkschneider. The singer with the raspy and distinctive voice has been one of the icons of German heavy metal for decades. Known as the voice of Accept, Dirkschneider has grown into an artist in his own right after parting ways with the band, and has come up with countless metal classics since 1987.

Starting with the brilliant debut ‘Animal House’ to the latest longplayer ‘Game Over’ all records have class, power and quality. Like hardly anyone else, Dirkschneider manages to stay true to his sound, using his iconic voice and yet always coming up with variations.

After 35 years it is now time to look back and take a snapshot of what has been achieved to date. This means for a musician/band a ‘Best Of…’ album, which in the case of U.D.O. is called ‘The Legacy’.

It starts with ‘Fear Detector’ from the latest record. All in all the album contains a tracklist with 33 songs of which ‘They Want War’ from the debut album is the glorious finale. Not to forget hymns like ‘Metal Never Dies’, ‘Break the Rules’, ‘Holy’,… One could continue this list almost endlessly.

In order to add a certain incentive for buying the album, U.D.O. have added four rare bonus tracks to the release, of which the galloping ‘Dust and Rust’ is the most impressive.

‘The Legacy’ is a typical ‘Best Of…’ album which perfectly sums up the singer’s solo career so far, but at the same time offers little that is new. Perhaps the one or other surprise would not have been a bad idea, which does not diminish the quality of the 33 songs and he exceptional position of the German metal icon.

Rating: 0 out of 10.

no score


  1. Fear Detector            
  2. Metal Never Dies                  
  3. Wilder Life (bonus track)                  
  4. Pandemonium           
  5. One Heart One Soul              
  6. Make The Move                    
  7. What a Hell of a Night (bonus track)           
  8. Pain                
  9. Decadent                   
  10. Falling Angels (bonus track)             
  11. Metal Machine                      
  12. Steelhammer             
  13. Dust and Rust (bonus track)             
  14. I Give as Good as I Get                      
  15. Rock’n’roll Soldiers                
  16. Dominator                 
  17. Mastercutor              
  18. Vendetta                   
  19. 24/7               
  20. Blind Eyes                  
  21. Man and Machine                 
  22. Like a Lion                 
  23. Shout It Out               
  24. Holy               
  25. Freelance Man                      
  26. Independence Day                
  27. Metal Eater               
  28. Future Land               
  29. Blitz of Lightning                   
  30. We’re History            
  31. Break the Rules                     
  32. Go Back to Hell                      
  33. They Want War

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: November 18th, 2022




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