Review HÄMATOM ‘Lang lebe der Hass’

Hämatom are certainly one of the hottest bands in Germany, as demonstrated by the chart entries of their last albums. With their ‘Bestie der Freiheit’ the guys from Franconia could even reach #2. Of course, the ambition of Nord, Süd, West und Ost is to continue surfing on the wave of success with their new album ‘Lang lebe der Hass’. The undertaking should work out,’ considering the fact that the fans carry the band on their hands, as literally happened at the past W:O:A.

‘Lang leben der Hass’ is the eighth Hämatom album and the band continues to develop their sound. At the same time, the four guys remain true to their roots. In the broadest sense, Hämatom can be classified as New German Hardness, and yet they also integrate more pop melodies.

If you listen to ‘Ein Freund’, for example, you will discover rather pop-like melodies, which are balanced by thundering guitars and Nord’s rough voice. Lyrically, the four have moved on to more and more serious topics (‘Räche sich wer kann’ and ‘Lange Lebe der Hass’) and yet have also put a few entertaining moments on the album. Nevertheless, even with ‘Es regnet Bier’, known from the W:O:A, a certain seriousness is built in. The humpa humpa rhythm unfolds its effect and invites to sing along. This song is made for live shows.

And if you want to listen to the song in English, you can zap to the end of the album to ‘It’s Raining Beer’. In between you will find ‘Strassenbande 666’, a real hit with rocking guitars and a strong punch. It gets anthemic with ‘Olympia’, and it’s the ambiguity of the lyrics that makes the listener think. And there is the stomping ‘GAGA’, a catchy tune with synthesizers and harsh vocals.

Hämatom do not reinvent the wheel and there were already bands like Die Schweisser, which moved in a similar direction. Still, Hämatom have the momentum on their side and manage to give life to their music with passion and dedication. And it is almost a no-brainer that this album will also crack the top 10 of the charts in German-speaking countries.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Es regnet Bier  
  2. GAGA
  3. Lang lebe der Hass
  4. Keinen Bock auf Menschen
  5. Strassenbande 666
  6. Nobody’s perfect
  7. SOS
  8. Ein Freund
  9. Räche sich wer kann
  10. Olympia
  11. It’s raining beer

Label: Anti Alles

Genre: NDH

Release Date EU: November 4th, 2022




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