Review HÄMATOM ‘Die Liebe ist tot’

The NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte) began in the mid-90s and I always wanted to know if there is an Alter Deutsche Härte too? Well, a philosophical question on which we do not want to deeply elaborate here. After bands like Rammstein and Oomph! achieved (worldwide-) fame in the early days of Neue Deutsche Härte, there... Continue Reading →

HAMMERSHIP will premier in 2022

Hammership, that is heavy metal on the sea. It is a five day trip that starts and ends in Athens in August 2022. While cruising through the Mediterranean Sea, a cool line-up of metal bands is ready to provide powerful riff-based sounds. Headbanging under the blue Mediterranean sky. That is how the line-up looks like... Continue Reading →

CD review HÄMATOM ‘Maskenball’

(8/10) German Hämatom started in 2004 and were influenced by the sound of the Neue Deutsche Härte. If you now do the math you will recognize that the band celebrates their 15th anniversary this year, a moment to do something special and start the party. Highlight will be the Maskenball Festival on August 31st and... Continue Reading →

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