Review HÄMATOM ‘Die Liebe ist tot’

The NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte) began in the mid-90s and I always wanted to know if there is an Alter Deutsche Härte too? Well, a philosophical question on which we do not want to deeply elaborate here.

After bands like Rammstein and Oomph! achieved (worldwide-) fame in the early days of Neue Deutsche Härte, there are bands like Hämatom riding on the next wave of NDH. The guys from Upper Franconia, Germany started in 2004 and have released a considerable number of albums since then. At the beginning of December a new record will be available in the record stores, an album with a title that is certainly not Christmas-related.

Just before Christmas, the guys hit the record stores with ‘Die Liebe ist tot’. Hämatom’s seventh studio album and includes ten new tracks. Looking at the time in which the album was written, it is this period of disappointment, hope and frustration that hardens the fronts. The own bubble becomes more and more as the sole point of reference. Discussion and listening become less and less and what ultimately falls by the wayside is love. Songs like ‘Dagegen’, ‘Jeder gegen jeden’ and ‘Ich hasse euch alle’, they all speak a very clear language and show that Hämatom don’t beat around the bush.

Hämatom approach this topic in the usual strong musical manner. Already with the opener it becomes evident that full force dominates on this album. After a short introduction by female vocals, the song takes off in full swing. But the band does not forget that good melodies and hooks are an essential ingredient for a good song, something that manifests itself well in ‘Ihr wisst gar nichts über mich’. It gets gloomy with ‘Zahltag’ before the guys shift gears again and take off again with ‘So wie wir’.

Even if you don’t like NDH much, you can find a lot on ‘Die Liebe ist tot’ that will please the spoiled metalhead ears. One thing is for sure, it’s hard to resist these riffs and the well-done melodies.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Dagegen
  2. Jeder gegen jeden
  3. Ihr wisst gar nichts über mich
  4. Liebe auf den ersten Fick
  5. Ich hasse euch alle
  6. Ficken unseren Kopf
  7. Zahltag
  8. So wie wir
  9. Ich will erst schlafen wenn ich tot bin
  10. Zeit zu gehen

Label: Anti Alles

Genre: NDH

Release Date EU:December 3rd, 2021




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