HAMMERSHIP will premier in 2022

Hammership, that is heavy metal on the sea. It is a five day trip that starts and ends in Athens in August 2022. While cruising through the Mediterranean Sea, a cool line-up of metal bands is ready to provide powerful riff-based sounds. Headbanging under the blue Mediterranean sky.

That is how the line-up looks like so far:

  • Sabaton 
  • Powerwolf
  • Kreator
  • Accept
  • Jinjer
  • The Darkness
  • Hämatom 
  • Frog Leap 
  • All Hail The Yeti
  • Lucifer

… more names will be announced.

And this is how the route looks like:

Sunday, 14. August 2022 – Departure Athen, Greece
Monday, 15. August 2022 – Kusadasi, Turkey
Tuesday, 16. August 2022 – Day at Sea
Wednesday, 17. August 2022 – Mykonos, Greece
Thursday, 18. August 2022 – Arrival Athen, Greece

More infos and tickets at: http://www.hammership.com

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