Review TOADEATER ‘Bexadde’

Toadeater haile from Osnabrück, Germany and operate since 2014. B., S. and M. brought with ‘Codex’ a debut album to the record stores. That was in 2019 and it followed in 2020 with ‘Bit to ewigen daogen’ a sophomore album. Now it’s time to establish the position with the third album and it can be reported that ‘Bexadde’ definitely has what it takes.

The trio from Lower Saxony has packed only four songs on their new LP, but each of them with amazing length. ‘Let the Darkness Swallow You’ is a nearly twelve-minute post black metal spectacle and among other things the desperate sounding vocals in the middle section provide a deep black heaviness.

The furious ‘Lowest Servant’ is an intense musical experience before approaching the mighty grande finale. ‘Molten Gold’ is the title of this glorious last chapter on ‘Bexadde’ and contains everything Toadeater is about. Frenzied beats, furious guitars, husky vocals and screams, all combined in a way that puts the listener under its spell. Songs, and also the entire album, persuade with variety and thus even with the 13-minute ‘Molten Gold’ no second of boredom arises.

By the way, the start is made by ‘Asche’, which is a trailblazing song because it has a distinct direction and clearly shows what you have to deal with in the upcoming 43 minutes.

In summary, it can be said that Toadeater has achieved a very strong third album. The post black metal of the trio from Lower Saxony is unbridled and wild. Nevertheless, the band never loses the common thread and has this wild ride always under control. Great stuff.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Asche
  2. Let the Darkness Swallow You
  3. Lowest Servant
  4. Molten Gold

Label: F.D.A Records

Genre: Post Black Metal

Release Date EU: September 9th, 2022




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