Review LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE ‘How to Shroud Yourself With Night’

Those who feel a certain longing for darkness even during the long sunny days in August can be helped. For one thing, the days in the northern hemisphere are getting shorter and shorter. At the same time there is a musical soundtrack that evokes gloom.

Masters in the creation of these gloomy emotional spheres are Lacrimas Profundere. The Bavarians are already traveling through the dark realms of the human soul since the mid-90s and can have a steadily growing popularity.

The highlight so far represents the ‘Bleeding the Stars’ album from 2019. On the one hand praised by press and media, on the other hand chart entry and successful headlining tour were motivation enough to follow up with a good new record.

After such an achievement, expectations also rise and this can create a pressure to succeed that not every band can withstand. Lacrimas Profundere, however, have regarded the whole thing as an incentive to present with ‘ How To Shroud Yourself With Night ‘ a record on which the band remains true to their sound, but without copying the predecessor. They have succeeded well in doing so. The ten songs on the new release will also be widely appreciated again and wrap the fans in the wings of the night.

Musically, Lacrimas Profundere have a wide spectrum of melancholic shades to offer. Everything starts slowly, tough and gloomy. ‘Wall of Gloom’ is the opener and pushes already thick clouds in front of the sun.

Also recommendable is ‘The Curtain of White Silence’. In this song several influences and genres meet. The tune has a furious expression that is positioned somewhere between post rock and hardcore. At the same time the band has not forgotten their dark metal roots, which makes the song a varied one.

It gets really heavy with ‘Unseen’. Groove and metal are clearly in focus here. Heavy riffs meet a heart wrapped in black, which is an explosive mixture especially in the chorus.

‘A Cloak Woven of Stars’ was the first single to be released and what stands out are the gothic cross-references, which among other things remind of Paradise Lost in the middle of their career. Metal and dark melodies blend together and create a catchy overall picture. The song was certainly a good choice to be released as a single and shows the possibilities Lacrimas Profundere have in varying their sound.

‘How To Shroud Yourself With Night’ is a well-done follow-up to the 2019 hit album. The band has managed to turn a pressure situation into creativity and they deserve respect for that. If you want to satisfy the dark side of the soul, this is the right album for you.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Wall of Gloom
  2. A Cloak Woven of Stars
  3. Nebula
  4. In a Lengthening Shadow
  5. The Curtain of White Silence
  6. Unseen
  7. The Vastness of Infinity
  8. To Disappear in You
  9. An Invisible Beginning
  10. Shroud of Night

Label: Steamhammer / PSV

Genre: Dark Metal

Release Date EU: August 26th, 2022




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