Review TOXIK ‘Dis Morta’

Toxik is back with their first new album in 23 years and challenges like a wicked fastball does. But one thing after the other.

Toxik belonged to the hopeful bands in the late 80s. The quintet did not only stand for relentless thrash metal but also brought a lot of technical ambition into this harsh style of heavy metal. ‘World Circus’ as well as the successor ‘Think This’ belong to the designated highlights and are mentioned in one sentence with Watchtower’s classic ‘Control and Resistance’.

Besides the high musical quality of the band, Toxik stands for lyrics that are more than just words strung together. The band did not make typical concept albums, although the various songs had a statement on current topics, which was also visualized by the corresponding artwork.

Unfortunately, it became quiet around Toxik in the early 90s and the band announced its breakup in 1992. It took many years until fans of the band could hope for a second era again. After a rather small flare-up in 2007, Toxik’s activities started to become more concrete again in 2013 and now the moment has come. A new album is ready and will be on the shelves from August.

‘Dis Mortas’ is the title of Toxik’s third album and it is only guitarist Josh Christian who is still on board. The rest of the line-up went into an all-around renewal and is now complete and constant since the addition of guitarist Eric van Druten.

33 years after the release of ‘Think This’, Christian and his mates manage to revive the spirit of Toxik. Technically sophisticated, wild and heavy; this is how Toxik sound today and thus have lost nothing of their 80s spirit. The album, with its partly dystopian view of the current social situation, does not deliver what could be described as a positive vibe. The album and songs are characterized by heaviness, which is reinforced by a frantic tempo and complex interweaving. None of the songs can just be shouted along loudly. Each track is too complex and contains too many twists and turns. ‘Dis Morta’ is also not an album that you can just listen to on the side. These songs require focus and ask for attention, which includes reading along with the lyrics. Thus, the album slowly but steadily exposes all the nuances and hereby fully meets the expectations of the Toxik fanbase. Welcome back Toxik.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Dis Morta
  2. Feeding Frenzy
  3. The Radical
  4. Power
  5. Hyper Reality
  6. Creating The Abyss
  7. Straight Razor
  8. Chasing Mercury
  9. Devil In The Mirror
  10. Judas

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Tech Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: August 5th, 2022




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