Review MUNICIPAL WASTE ‘Electrified Brain’

Of course, artwork and music should always come along as one. But in some cases it fits like a glove. One of these releases is the new album by Municipal Waste.

The band has been in the business for many years and also the band members are no rookies. Each of the five musicians has a lot of experience and is busy in other bands besides Municipal Waste. Therefore it is not surprising that the quintet regularly publishes albums, but the time span between the releases can take a number of years. In this case, fans had to wait five years to welcome a new longplayer.

Municipal Waste’s latest album ‘Electrified Brain’ has just the effect which is portrayed aptly on the album cover. Riffs and unbridled speed is what prevails on this album. Municipal Waste do not bother with long and convoluted epics. Is more the furious speed and a firm groove what defines the sound of the five-piece from Richmond, Virginia. All this is wrapped up in 14 songs on the new album and even if the number of songs seems high, the album clocks in at just 33 minutes of playing time.

In general, the new record sounds a bit more genuine and raw than the one or the other predecessor. Equipped with a powerful sound, songs like the mega-groover ‘Grave Dive’ immediately unfold their full potential.

On their current release, Municipal Waste once again manages to revive thrash metal and crossover from the late ’80s without trying to conform to the sound of that era. The quintet has enough originality to take the spirit and anchor it in the 2020s. They manage this especially well on songs like ‘Thermonuclear Protection’ and the blazingly fast blast ‘Putting on Errors’.

Municipal Waste, that was and is a musical cyclone, which comes across very well on record, but unfolds its full power live. If you have the need for 33 minutes of untamed metal, this album is exactly the right place for you.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Electrified Brain
  2. Demoralizer
  3. Last Crawl
  4. Grave Dive
  5. The Bite
  6. High Speed Steel
  7. Thermonuclear Protection
  8. Blood Vessel – Boat Jail
  9. Crank the Heat
  10. Restless and Wicked
  11. Ten Cent Beer Night
  12. Barreled Rage
  13. Putting On Errors
  14. Paranormal Janitor

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Thrash Metal / Crossover

Release Date EU: July 1st, 2022




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