Review BLACK VOID ‘Antithesis’

White Void released on March 12th last year an album entitled ‘Anti’. The longplayer is a well-crafted modern rock record with Longtime Borknagar and Solafeld member Lars Are Nedland being the driving force.

Almost to date one year later, Black Void comes towards the spotlight with an album ‘Antithesis’. Both longplayers relate to ‘Antithesis’ being the grim little brother of the shining ‘Anti’ album.

Music lives by the emotional aspect and a reaction can be created by bringing two poles together. This is what Nedland tries with these two longplayers and he does an excellent job. Was it White Void that based the lyrical context on Albert Camus it is the new album that builds in Nietzsche who wrote about the consequence of the lack of meaning, knowledge and morality; the void humans constantly want to fill.

Black Void is the flipside of White Void. Musically ‘Antithesis’ contains the anarchy of punk and the unbound heaviness of black metal, enriched by melodies and hooks that unfold right away. ‘Death to Morality’ is a song that units it all in great fashion and it isn’t the only moment on the album that fascinates.

‘Tenebrism of Life’ has this punk vibe too that melts with calmer parts before the baton is handed over to ‘No Right, No Wrong’. The latter is an aggressive tune, spiced-up with some melodic moments while ‘Nihil’ pushes the pedal to metal.

‘Antithesis’ is a merciless album with no compromises. The concept of two albums being the complimentary stretch is a great idea and it works. Instead of pressing everything into one musical coreset the approach of two album under two different monikers makes sense and still shows the connecting dots clearly.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Void
  2. Reject Everything
  3. Death to Morality
  4. Tenebrism of Life
  5. No Right, No Wrong
  6. It’s not Surgery, it’s a Knife Fight
  7. Explode into Nothingness
  8. Nihil
  9. Dadaist Disgust

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Blackened Metal

Release Date EU: May 27th, 2022


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