CD review WHITE VOID ‘Anti’

White Void and their music are not easy to characterize, as they combine a whole range of different styles and influences into a melange that gradually grows in expression and enthusiasm. But let’s take it one step at a time.

White Void is the brainchild of Lars Are Nedland, a longtime member of Borknagar and Solafeld. White Void is an opportunity for the musician to embrace more musical influences, combining 70’s rock with new wave influences and bluesy elements on ‘Anti’. These basic features in combination with a very good sense for catchy melodies makes ‘Anti’ an album that suits from the first listen and yet continues to grow.

It all starts with the rocking ‘Do.Not.Sleep’, a snappy opener that certainly won’t make you sleepy. Rather it is the melodies which immediately unfold their catchy effect. Darker and a bit more progressive, that is ‘There is No Freedom But the End’. The song gets going with almost hypnotic catchiness before ‘Where You Go, You’ll Bring Nothing’ takes over the basic mood, but softer and with well-placed tempo changes. These three songs demonstrate the diversity of White Void’s tunes which is carried through to the remaining songs. Not to be left unmentioned is ‘This Apocalypse is For You’, a track that at just under four minutes in length is one of the shorter ones on ‘Anti’. A strong indie influence ignites the song and it’s the hooks that won’t let you escape. From the shortest song to the longest composition to be found on ‘Anti’. ‘The Fucking Violence of Love’ is a small epic that comes along full of swing and momentum.Once again it is the melody lines that are pleasing and represent a very rocking temptation.

All in all we can say that musically, ‘Anti’ is not so anti. It’s exciting and entertaining. Lyrically, however, it is based on Albert Camus’ absurdism and the question of how to deal with an existence that is absurd at its core. From this point of view, the album is conceptually very much in tune with the current times and builds on contrasts and allusions. Overall, ‘Anti’ is an album worth a second listen.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Do. Not. Sleep.
  2. There is No Freedom but the End
  3. Where You Go, You’ll Bring Nothing
  4. The Shovel and the Cross
  5. This Apocalypse is for You
  6. All Chains Rust, all Men Die
  7. The Fucking Violence of Love
  8. The Air was Thick with Smoke

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Modern Rock

Release Date EU: March 12th, 2021



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