Review THE CRUEL INTENTIONS ‘Venomous Anonymous’

The Cruel Intentions, that is Lizzy DeVine (vocals & guitar), Kristian Solhaug (guitar), Mats Wernerson (bass) and Robin Nilsson (drums). What inspired the guys is the dirty hard rock of the bands like Hanoi Rocks as well as the earlier days of Guns’n’Roses. It is the oldschool sleaze rock that not only inspired frontman DeVine when it comes to the pseudonym; it also has an impact on what the band delivers musically.

‘Reapercussion’ starts the album and id a ‘dirt under the fingernails’ starts into the album. Nothing is polished and the hoarse vocals of DeVine are certainly a key element of the opener. In this context I also have to say that sometimes screaming rules over singing which limits a joy of some songs, like ‘Sunrise Over Sunset’.

When not screaming and stressing his voice too much though, The Cruel Intentions can score with some cool rock songs. The lively title track belongs to these songs as well as hard pounding ‘Kerosene’. Even better is ‘Final Deathroll’ with a roaring bass being the driving element of this dirty hard rocker and also ‘Chemical Vacation’ is solidly created hard rock song with a well-placed ‘ahahah’-sing-along part that will be appreciated by fans during live shows.

‘Venomous Anonymous’ is a hard rock album that contains some good songs although the recipe is off the shelf. Still the band has a strong rock’n’roll heart beating and it needs a while to get used to the vocals. Good music though for a ride into the sunset.

Rating: 6 out of 10.


  1. Reapercussion
  2. Venomous Anonymous
  3. Sunrise over Sunset
  4. Casket Case
  5. Kerosene
  6. Salt i Ditt Sår
  7. Final Deathroll
  8. Goddamn Monday
  9. Bad Vibes
  10. Chemical Vacation
  11. City of Lice

Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: June 3rd, 2022



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