KAMPFAR’s ‘Ofidians Manifest’ on May 3rd

Norwegian metal veterans Kampfar will release the newest album ‘Ofidians Manifest’ on May 3rd, and the longplayer comes through Indie Recordings. This is the tracklist: | Syndefall|| Ophidian||| Dominans|||| Natt||||| Eremitt|||||| Skamløs!||||||| Det Sorte

CD review DIABOLICAL ‘Eclipse’

(8/10) Six long years went by with the metal world not facing a new album of Swedish Diabolical. The wait has an end though. 'Eclipse' will be unleashed mid February, an album that comes with nine new songs. 'Eclipse' is a concept album focussing on the dark sides of humanity. This concept is weaved into... Continue Reading →

CD review AZUSA ‘Heavy Yoke’

(8/10) If members of bands like Extol, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Sea + Air combine forces the result must be a heavy and complex beast. And as expected this combination is like experimental metal dynamite. The four musicians that started a collaboration with the moniker Azusa are Eleni Zafiriadou (v), Liam Wilson (b), Christer... Continue Reading →

CD review ISKALD ‘Innhøstinga’

(8/10) Right in the middle of some warm and hot summer days in the Northern hemisphere, it's a cold storm from Norway that provides cooling and announces winterly darkness. The storm is a metallic one and it's Norwegian black metal vikings Iskald that are responsible for it. 'Innhøstinga' is the band's newest strike with nine... Continue Reading →

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