CD review ISKALD ‘Innhøstinga’

(8/10) Right in the middle of some warm and hot summer days in the Northern hemisphere, it’s a cold storm from Norway that provides cooling and announces winterly darkness. The storm is a metallic one and it’s Norwegian black metal vikings Iskald that are responsible for it.

‘Innhøstinga’ is the band’s newest strike with nine new songs in the offer. The new album is a dark and fierce black metal beast, which combines Northern gloom, metiallic harshness and well-done melodies to something that asks for your attention.

Iskald releases with ‘Innhøstinga’ for the second time in a row a longplayer with an Norwegian title. Also half the songs include lyrics, done in the band’s native language. Even though it’s hard to understand what the Norwegian songs are about , it’s the sound of the language that intensives the album’s expression and vibe. It’s just a bit more authentic and benefits ‘Innhøstinga’.

Iskald’s fifth longplayer is the most mature one the quartet from Bodø released to date. It’s complex, it’s melodic, it’s atmospheric and it’s harsh. Good stuff.





  1. The Atrocious Horror
  2. No Amen
  3. Offer av Livet
  4. Even Dawn drew Twilight
  5. Resting, Not in Peace
  6. De Siste Vintre
  7. From Traitor to Beast
  8. Lysene som Forsvan
  9. Innhøstinga



Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Release Date EU: August 31st, 2018


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