CD review ENTIERRO ‘Entierro’

(7/10) Entierro is an interesting band, hailing from Connecticut. The outfit, that originally started as Treebeard in 2010, is consisting of Christopher Taylor Beaudette (v/b), Christopher Begnal (g), Dave Parmelee (d) and Victor Arduini (g), the latter known from his time with metal pioneers Fates Warning.

This quartet recorded an album that features eight songs, delivering 42 minutes of well-crafted metal. It’s more traditional metal you get with this album, music that is build on roaring riffs and a heavy grooving beat.

Songs like ‘Cauldron of War’ reflect these trademarks in a really good fashion. What also comes with ‘Entierro’ is a big portion of doom. Most of the tracks on the album are kept in a moderate pace and sometimes slowing down even more. ‘Turn Out the Light’ is such a song that comes with a riff, slowly and hot like lava running down the hill of the volcano. 

‘Entierro’ is a great album, even though I don’t understand why songs like ‘Cyclonic Winds’ fade out instead of being composed to the end. Anyhow, these are small details and the rest of the album easily compensates for it. I can recommend ‘Entierro’ to heavy metal purists that prefer snappy sounds and riffpower from the underground.





  1. Cyclonic Winds
  2. Santa Muerte
  3. Cauldron of War
  4. Live to Tell
  5. Dybbuk
  6. Turn Out the Light
  7. Vally of Deceit
  8. Controlled Burn


Label: Self-Released

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: September 1st, 2018


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