CD review TANTARA ‘Sum of Forces’

(8/10) It was six years ago when Norwegian thrashers Tantara debuted with ‘Based on Evil’. The band, that was founded in 2009, takes its inspiration from the 80’s thrash era, proving in the here and now that thrash metal is as vital and lively as it was back then.

This September the quartet returns with a new 6-track release, entitled ‘Sum of Forces’ and the album has a full steam ahead approach. The four Norwegians push the pedal to the metal, but not in an uncoordinated way. Instead of solely focussing on merciless riff power, the guys add a solid portion of complexity to these six songs. 

The first five tracks are already a delight for ‘metal ears’. Frontman Fredrik Bjerkõ does a really good job and it’s his high pitch way of singing that reminds of bands like Watchtower. This comparison might be a bit too unbalanced, but the prog metal mathemaditions came to my mind more than once while listening to this album.

Tantara keeps the real highlight though for the grande finale. ‘White Noise’ is a ten minutes instrumental song that shows the entire talent of the Norwegian four-piece. Listening to this song is a joyful way to spend time. Racing solo parts are present through out, built on a mostly heavy pounding rhythm section that provides a energetic heart beat. Sometimes instrumentals get annoying for non-musicians, but this one has all tools on board to provide everybody with 10 thrilling minutes of passionate metal. Well done.

‘Sum of Forces’, the title reflects a bit what the album is about. Tantara summed up their forces and wrote six really good metal songs that have by far enough substance for some more spins.





  1. Punish the Punisher
  2. Death Always Win
  3. Aftermath
  4. Sleepwalker
  5. Sum of Forces
  6. White Noise


Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: September 7th, 2018

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