CD review LIZZIES ‘On Thin Ice’

(7/10) We had to wait pretty long this year for getting served the worst artwork of 2018. Here it is. I don’t know what inspired Spanish rock’n’roll ladies Lizzies to go for the chosen artwork of ‘On Thin Ice’, but it for sure leads to some big smiles. Catching girls, drawn in a way a five year old could do better. Really? Such a ‘piece of art’ might reflect a lot, but for sure not rock’n’roll.

Anyhow, rock’n’roll isn’t about painting; it’s about power chords and a punching beat. Things look much better by checking out these things. Lizzies aren’t alone when it comes to rock music played by an all-girl-outfit and bands like Thundermother aim for the same target group. However, there is enough space for these bands and ‘On Thin Ice’ uses it.

Elan, Patricia, Marina and Dani do a good job when it comes to ‘On Thin Ice’. The quartet, hailing from Madrid, revitalize tradition hard rock as we know it from bands like e.g. AC/DC. The tracklist features eleven songs that are worth to be listened to. There’s the calmer ‘Real Fighter’, the grooving ‘I’m Paranoid’ and the fast paced rocker ‘Talk Shit and Get Hit’. These songs are a proof for the underground being alive and vital. It’s worth to sometimes dig through the surface of mainstream to discover albums like ‘On Thin Ice’. The beauty with these kind of releases is the authenticity of rock that acts as fuel for these eleven songs. There’s no distraction by having a glimpse on sales potential. It’s the pure willpower that leads to records like ‘On Thin Ice’.

To sum up. ‘On Thin Ice’ means: close your eyes and open your ears. You don’t want to see the artwork but you might want to listen to the music. This is definitely the better option, especially if you’re into grooving hard rock.





  1. Like An Animal
  2. No Law City
  3. I’m Paranoid
  4. Playing With Death
  5. Real Fighter
  6. Talk Shit and Get Hit
  7. Final Sentence
  8. Rosa Maria
  9. World Eyes on Me
  10. Love is Hard
  11. The Crown


Label: The Sign Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: October 5th, 2018

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