CD review MCC (MAGNA CARTA CARTEL) ‘The Demon King’ – EP

(8/10) If you’re a regular follower of Markus’ Heavy Music Blog (which I can recommend … hahaha), you recognised that I sometimes write about releases that might not be metal or sometimes even not rock music. However, they have a link to our beloved musical style.

One of these bands is MCC which stands for Magna Carta Cartel. I haven’t heard of them before receiving their newest release ‘The Demon King’. This EP isn’t exactly new, since it was released already before summer and prior looking into the delivery I want to take you a step back in time.

MCC was founded in 2006 by five friends. The music this quintet wrote was melodic and cinematic songs. The music comprises of great melodies and has, in general, a light-hearted vibe. It’s basically music to close your eyes and dream away. Things went slow in the beginning and it took the guys three years to finish the debut ‘Goodmorning Restrained’ which finally was unveiled in 2009.

What stopped the band to proceed was the fact that no less then Ghost appeared on the scene around the same time and drew all attention. Ghost included members of MCC, including Ghost’s main man Tobias Forge. Being strongly committed to Ghost, MCC went to sleep, becoming a sort of sleeping giant. People started to become interested in the band and slowly a period of awakening started.

MCC is back after all these years and recently the band announced some tour dates. Furthermore the debut was re-released this year and also the ‘The Demon King’ EP saw the light of day already. The latter features five atmospheric songs that covers a wide span – from Vangelis, via ABBA, via U2 to Metallica and Mike Oldfield. That’s at least how the trio describes their sound I think it’s a pretty could attempt to describe what you can expect.

If you’re a Ghost fan you shouldn’t miss MCC. The music is even less hard than what Ghost offers but these melodies are hard to resist. This EP is a moment of retreat in a hectic world and also metalheads might enjoy these moment.



  1. The Demon King
  2. Sway
  3. Turn
  4. Jennifer
  5. Mayfire

Label: Lövely Records

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: May 18th, 2018


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