Review GHOST ‘Impera’

Tobias Forge was gifted to create a formula of success he named Ghost. Ghost isn’t only a band. It is a blend of music, theatric approach and show that works extremely well since 2008. Visual identity and musical direction are greatly harmonized and what fascinates is the ability of Forge to develop the sound of... Continue Reading →

LONG DISTANCE CALLING unveil a new song

Clockwork-tight drumming, a grooving bass and excellent guitar work, that's what Long Distance Calling stand for and all of this can be found on their newest song 'Black Shuck'. 'Black Shuck' is taken from the upcoming EP 'Ghost' which will be available on February 26th, 2021. Next to the stellar music the video stylewise connects... Continue Reading →

CD review GHOST ‘Prequelle’

(9/10) One thing right away – if you liked Ghost up till now you will like the band even more after having listened to their new longplayer ‘Prequelle’. The fourth album, following the 2015 release ‘Meliora’, is rich in well-crafted soundscapes and catchy melodies. While other bands with a similar approach often drift away into... Continue Reading →

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