CD review MONSTROSITY ‘The Passage of Existence’

(8/10) If people think about US death metal it’s often bands like Obituary that come to their minds. The quintet for sure belongs to most popular representatives of Tampa-based death metal, but they aren’t the only ones. Another band that hails from Florida is Monstrosity and the guys can also build on a long track record in metal. Lee Harrison and his crew started in the early 90’s and based on the starting point the group belongs to the initiators of US death metal.

Monstrosity released their debut ‘Imperial Doom’ in 1992, followed by four more longplayers. This year the quintet adds another record to their resume. ‘The Passage of Existence’ is Monstrosity’s sixth album and it’s for sure a mighty one.

Eleven years after ‘Spiritual Apocalypse’ escaped of darkness it’s the new album that helps the band to continue their journey in metal. The great thing with the new album is the combination of brute metal and musical savvy. Monstrosity stands for oldschool death metal, but they manage to transform the vibe into the here and now. ‘The Passage of Existence’ is praising the bands heritage and lifts into a modern era too.

The new album comprises of dense walls of guitars, ferocious riffs and a face-smashing beat. A song that combines all the mentioned in a great fashion is the raging ‘Radiated’. Extreme metal can be much better. It’s an infectious death metal anthem, featuring well-placed breaks, furious sections and evil growls by Mike Hrubovcak.

Also the crushing ‘Maelstrom’ belongs to the highlights on this album. ‘Maelstrom’, as well as the other tracks on ‘The Passage to Existence’, win you over by the harshness as well as with some melodic solos. Last but not least it’s the tempo changes, making the album to far more than solely a one dimensional death metal grinder. The wait for a new Monstrosity album is over and ‘The Passage of Existence’ proves in an impressive way that it was worth to wait. Enjoy a well-done death metal highlight in 2018.





  1. Cosmic Pandemia
  2. Kingdom of Fire
  3. Radiated
  4. Solar Vacuum
  5. The Proselygeist
  6. Maelstrom
  7. Eyes upon the Abyss
  8. Dark Matter Invocation
  9. The Hive
  10. Eternal Void
  11. Century
  12. Slaves to the Evermore


Label: Metal Blades Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 7th, 2018



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