CD review BLACK MAJESTY ‘Children of the Abyss’

(7/10) Black Majesty, hailing from Australia, is a band that releases albums on a very regular base. The guys provide new melodic metal songs in a three years pattern and since the latest longplayer ‘Cross of Throns’, has been launched in 2015 it’s time for a new longplayer in 2018. That’s the math an here it is the new album.

‘Children of the Abyss’ is the new melodic metal strike of Black Majesty, providing ten new songs. It’s not that much of a news that the quintet has listened to Helloween records more than once. Arrangements and melodies of songs like the title track shows the fascination of the Australians for Hamburg-based metal and the fact that former Helloween guitarist Roland Grapow (Masterplan) acted as producer didn’t make the gap much bigger. This doesn’t need to work as a disadvantage for the quintet from Down Under. The album actually got a dense and powerful sound. Songs like the uptempo ‘Somethings Going On’ are well-done melodic power metal hymns.Black Majesty mostly pushes the pedal to the metal. Tempo and speed are an important asset for the five-piece band, leading to songs like the furious ‘Sanctified’ all together creating a positive impression.

All in all ‘Children of the Abyss’ is a longplayer that makes use of the main ingredients of melodic power metal. It’s not that the band adds things or are arrange components differently. Innovation is not what this album is about. However, songs are crafted in a good fashion, which makes this record to an enjoyable experience for fans of Helloween and Queensryche.





  1. Dragons Unite
  2. Something’s Goin On
  3. Children of the Abyss
  4. Hideaway
  5. Wars Greed
  6. Always Running
  7. So Lonely
  8. Sanctified
  9. Nothing Forever
  10. Reach Into Darkness


Label: Pride & Joy Music

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: September 21st, 2018

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