Live report ENTRAILS/GRACELESS/BLOODMOON, Musicon, Den Haag – 02.09.2018

The Musicon in Den Haag provided a more unusual Sunday afternoon activity. Instead of coffee and cake it was beer and death metal that stood in focus. So what should be more obvious than going there and enjoying good music and a drink. Let’s break the pattern I would say. 

The bands, which played that afternoon, where local heroes from The Netherlands, supporting Swedish death metal veterans of Entrails. The start was done by Bloodmoon, hailing from Arnhem – the Dutch band and not the one from the US. The five-piece is rather new and released a debut entitled ‚XXXI-I-MMXVIII’. As frontman Marcel van Hummel announced, it was the third show the guys played and they did a rather good job. The straight-to-the-point death/thrash was a good start into this metal Sunday, performed with enthusiasm and gratefulness go play live. 

The sandwich position in this package went to Graceless. The quartet from Leiden took over after a short stage rebuild and played a really impressive set. Having with ‚Shadowlands‘ one album in their credit, the Graceless nailed down an extremely powerful show with oldschool death metal filling the room at Musicon. Graceless music isn‘t solely built on hyper speed. The band keeps many of the songs in a more moderate pace, combined with a hellish groove and filigree solo parts. Fans at Musicon appreciated this a lot and step by step it became a bit more crowded in front of the stage. 

Last but not least it was Swedish Entrails that took the stage. The guys embarked on a mini tour through the Benelux with three shows scheduled. The Den Haag concert was the last out of these three shows and what should I say, the guys rocked the city. After a short intro it was ‘In Pieces’ that opened the set and it was ‘World Inferno’ some first motion into the crowd, which was more than only headbanging. Jimmy Lundqvist and his gang clearly stated with this show why they belong to the spearhead of Swedish death metal with fans that might suffered from some neck-pain the day after due to intensive headbanging during the show. The underground can’t be more alive than what was offered by the Entrails and actually the entire three band package, 

After appr. three hours of brute underground death metal everyone that was present had a feeling of having spend the afternoon in a perfect way. Although it felt a bit strange the step outside with daylight with the evening and night still to come. A new experience… 


Setlist Entrails:

  1. In Pieces (Intro)
  2. In Pieces
  3. Beyond the Flesh
  4. World Inferno
  5. The Morgue
  6. Serial Muder
  7. Tomb Awaits (Intro)
  8. Unleashed Wrath
  9. Eaten by the Dead
  10. To Live is to Rot
  11. Crawling Death
  12. Epitome of Death


Location: Musicon, The Hague, The Netherlands

Date: September 2nd, 2018


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