CD review DIABOLICAL ‘Eclipse’

(8/10) Six long years went by with the metal world not facing a new album of Swedish Diabolical. The wait has an end though. ‘Eclipse’ will be unleashed mid February, an album that comes with nine new songs.

‘Eclipse’ is a concept album focussing on the dark sides of humanity. This concept is weaved into bombastic blackened death metal, reminding of bands like Dimmu Borgir and the earlier Opeth.

The starting point of this diabolic endeavor is more of a statement – ‘We Are Diabolical’. So, if you haven’t had any idea what band you’re listening to, it’s clarified right in the beginning. But seriously, the start into the album is black, heavy and bombastic. Harsh black metal and a big choir spread their devilish fascination – we are Diabolical, no doubt.

Compared to the opener the following ‘Betrayal’ lasers in on the melodic aspect of Diabolical’s sound, before ‘Black Sun’ picks it up where the opener left off.

The album contains epical songs like the ‘Hunter’, next to spiritual interludes (‘Tyranni’). It’s this mix of various sounds, all connected by darkness and melancholy, making ‘Eclipse’ to an exciting blacked death metal album. It seems the six years absence unleashed some musical demons that found a home on this record.



1. We Are Diabolical
2. Betrayal
3. Black Sun
4. Failure
5. Inception
6. Hunter
7. Tyranni
8. The Fire Within
9. Requiem

Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 15th, 2019



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