CD review THE NEW DEATH CULT ‘The New Death Cult’

(7/10) Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta are for sure letters of the Greek alphabet and since a while it’s also names of the four musicians, operating under the name of The New Death Cult. Next to the names, the guys create a bit of a story around the band, their galactic origin and more. The good thing is that all these sidetracks are not to cover up for average music.

The New Death Cult has an overseeable track record so far. A single has been released and now it’s the debut that should help to grow the fan base. Supporters of melodic Heavy Rock with a modern appeal is the target group this debut is aiming for and it could become a successful endeavor.

The four-piece band comes with a wider spectrum of sounds. The opener ‘Light Spills Over’, as one example, is a hard rocking track that reminds me of The Night Flight Orchestra. In general there are parallels with the Swedish Disco Rock crew with songs like ‘Colours of the Mind’ following a similar path

Another aspect of The New Death Cult’s music resonates back in ‘The War’. Down-tuned guitars add a grunge vibe to the total, which actually fits the band very well. With ‘Edel’ the album carries a soulful song too, closing 32 minutes of Rock in all shades. The running time though is the downer. A bit more than half an hour isn’t an extensive length and two more songs wouldn’t have been a bummer.

‘The New Death Cult’ is an interesting album for sure and future will tell if the quartet will stay on solid Rock soil in the future or if they will disappear in the vastness of “the Andromeda galaxy” again.



  1. Light Spills Over 
  2. Zeitgeist 
  3. True Eyes 
  4. Moon 
  5. The War 
  6. Blood Of Babylon  
  7. Colours Of The Mind )
  8. Home 
  9. Edel 

Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Heavy Rock

Release Date EU: September 6th, 2019



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