CD review SONATA ARCTICA ‘Talviyö’

(7/10) Having a look on the artwork of an album that shows a peaceful winter landscape is a refreshing moment on a day with 30 degrees celcius outside and the titel ‘Talviyö’, meaning ‘winter night’ in Finnish, amplifies it even.

Besides these refreshing ingredients, Sonata Arctica’s newest longplayer comes with more of a standard approach. The band tries to go big with ‘Talviyö’, a compilation of songs that are thematically stringed together without being a real concept album, but the result doesn’t match the ambition.

In total it’s eleven songs that are supposed to be the next big thing in Sonata Arctica’s career and the opener sound promising. ‘Message From the Sun’ is a more uptempo song that includes a well-crafted vocal-line and some tasty guitars, adding dynamic to the tune. Furthermore it’s the swinging ‘Who Failed the Most’ belonging to the better moment’s on ‘Talviyö’, an album that in total, comes with too little surprises.

Tunes like ‘Cold’ and ‘Demon’s Cage’ are too trivial and not touching. Then there is ‘A Little Less Understanding’, a nice song, but also a track that doesn’t bring any new to the table. It is ‘The Garden’ that marks the soulful ending. And even there it’s some sparkling elements that’s missing. The meditative song stays in the same pattern, just like an flow without any ups and downs.

‘Talviyö’ is supposed to be bigger than what it is. It’s an album that benefits of a very good sound, some well-done songs and quite some standard music that misses the final punch.



  1. Message From The Sun 
  2. Whirlwind
  3. Cold
  4. Storm The Armada
  5. The Last Of The Lambs 
  6. Who Failed The Most
  7. Ismo’s Got Good Reactors 
  8. Demon’s Cage
  9. A Little Less Understanding 
  10. The Raven Still Flies
  11. The Garden

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: September 9th, 2019



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